At CPMaxis, we build software that helps project management teams achieve amazing things.

Why CPMaxis?

  • Project managers should manage projects, not spreadsheets.

    Schedules are business logic trapped in administrative tasks. CPMaxis does all the administrative work better left for a computer, freeing management teams to do substantive work, keep projects on-schedule and drive business strategy. 

  • Schedules should allow you to work smarter, not harder.

    Trying to capture every important detail as activities in a fully-linked cpm schedule is an enormous task with diminishing returns. CPMaxis allows you to keep your cpm schedule manageable while capturing every important detail--in one place, available to your entire team. 

  • Move fast—but don't break things.

    Work without interruption and keep your logic in check. Let field workers and other collaborators update their part of the schedule in real-time. Never fall behind.

  • Put the cpm schedule in the hands of your entire team--without worry.

    Fact: you really can put your cpm schedule in the hands of your entire team--in a system that allows far more than just updating the schedule. See what cpmaxis can do for your team.