You know that there just has to be a better way to do this.

What if you could…

  • Generate LookAheads that are 100% in synch with your cpm schedule — automatically
  • Generate draft Narratives from notes and photos that your team took in the field
  • Update your cpm schedule from updates that everybody on your team contributed
  • Generate monthly schedule submittals with the click of your mouse
  • Capture all the activities required to build the project without having to change the schedule
  • Organize correspondences chronologically, by activity
  • Create project schedules by combining WBS templates
  • Assign whole WBS trees in seconds
  • See all activities assigned to you
  • Filter and sort by any criteria you like
  • See your whole program at a glance
  • Manage more projects, with better results, in less time
  • Throw away your spreadsheets, and never combine data from multiple spreadsheets again
  • Have your evenings and weekends free, and do a better job

Wouldn’t you do it?