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The Schedule-Centric (tm) approach to integrating all of your planning
and field execution data in one unified platform.


Easy to use and adopt. Anyone in your enterprise can create, manage, and schedule projects within a simple, intuitive interface.

Flexib e

A modular solution that can be deployed against any use case or workflow, regardless of scale or complexity.


With a public API and seamless integrations, you can layer CPMaxis on top of your existing schedule tools to do more with what you have.

The project community loves CPM

Simple signup, flexible configuration, and open communications make for happy customers. Learn why CPMaxis is the preferred intelligent schedule management solution for project teams like yours.

Adam Trimm

Schedule Manager, Myers-Griffith Joint Venture, Los Angeles International Airport LULEP Program

“CPMAxis gives us a truly comprehensive platform for program-level management of our most demanding project schedules. It has helped us streamline the process of updating 20-30 projects weekly, and it leverages the structure of the CPM schedule to create a dynamic information archiving and sharing system for documents, photos, dates, and issues encountered at the field level. The quality of our schedule-related deliverables has improved dramatically.”

Do your work.
Let CPMaxis do the rest.

See how CPMaxis can transform what your project management team can do.

You know that there just has to be a better way to do this. What if you could… Generate LookAheads that are 100% in synch with your cpm schedule — automatically Generate draft Narratives from notes and photos that your team took in the field Update your cpm schedule from updates that everybody on your team […]

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  The Untapped Value of your CPM Schedule At CPM|axis, we feel that the critical path method (CPM) schedule that is central to all large construction projects is undervalued, and we intend to change that. We think it’s a shame to put all that work into creating and maintaining a CPM schedule, and then ignore […]

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